Friday, 30 July 2010

Everything comes before the people in this world

They'd have us believe anything as long as the end result is that they remain in power over the people and are still able to tell us lies and twist the reasons for mans existence on the planet.

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I put together the above video a while back and thought I should resurrect it after reading a CNN report late last night that drew attention to what they said was a decline in business in Arizona as a result of Gov Jan Brewers immigration law. Yet earlier that day I'd read a report in the Arizona news itself which described the exact opposite. It said that a 6.5% INCREASE in hotel bookings had resulted with people spending MORE eating out in restaurants. "Hotel occupancy was up 6.5 percent in May and 10.6 percent in June from a year earlier, outpacing national gains, according to Smith Travel Research. Average room rates were flat on an above-average increase in rooms. Revenue per available room, the most closely watched measure, rose 6.2 percent and 11 percent in May and June, respectively"

Yet the CNN report basically alleged that Arizona is finished without immigrants and following up with a video report of protesters all banging on about 'their' rights. That was headlined; "Arizona's immigration law slowly drains economy", and only one of them has to be right (true).

This is precisely the issue I see when I read news and when I see people demonstrating. Firstly, news is not news it is propaganda. It is always biased and is hardly ever written with straight fact. It  is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position and is not 'news', nor is it 'new' for propaganda has been around since the dawn of civilsation and has been used for millennium by unscrupulous people who aim to control all other people of 'their' world in which we masses are seen as termites and cockroaches. Julius Caesar's own account of his actions was in fact 'propaganda' to sway the masses to support him and politicians have not changed. They are in no way different to liars of old, including Julius Caesar who did anything but 'invade Britannia, when historical accounts and archaeological finds, confirm that he came here by invitation of the southern King Verica and that Briton had been trading with Rome for centuries before.

How can two news sources be giving entirely opposing coverage? How can a country be seeking to overthrow its own laws simply because the people want their government to actually carry out its mandate to uphold the law?

Further, how can we be witnessing people who are in a country illegally, demonstrating in that 'foreign country', for 'RIGHTS', which they shouldn't have. If they are foreigners, then they should get themselves back home and protest to their own governments, and maybe their own governments would change so that the people no longer feel the need to colonise other people's countries illegally and take their jobs.

Maybe if the people, the press and politicians stopped lying, the world might improve a bit and we Americans and Brits can get back to working on our own countries instead of working on everyone else's 'rights' before ours. 

This is why I did 'Politics on Planet Earth', because everything comes before people in this world and we must change it if we are to survive as a species.


  1. Hello Rugfish,

    I've noticed your absence from the Green Arrow site, what's going on there? You were quite a prolific poster.


  2. Hi Ape, nothing going on mate just I stay away from any in fighting and stuff. I think it spoils what we do.


    It is time to rally the tribes!