Saturday, 7 August 2010

Call a spade a spade

The Telegraph has a story tonight of the president of Pakistan having been pelted with shoes at what it calls a "rally". Over 1,000 muslims went berserk at him visiting to see creeping Cameron because there are devastating floods in Pakistan which you'll no doubt have heard on the news of course because floods in Pakistan would get wide coverage in Britain whereas people dying of cold here and ex-servicemen having to sleep on the streets - wouldn't.

And when 'they' protest as is quite often these days in this love everyone but the British people society, the British media call it "rioting".

Yes, it's one law for us, and another for, well 'them' shoe throwing muslims who are at a "rally".

Sweet Jesus knows the difference between a riot and a rally but surely the British media hasn't got the guts to call a spade a spade.


  1. ;o)

  2. When Cameron goes with his handler, Warsi, to grovel in Pakistan, he should impress upon them the benefits of mass migration of white Christians to their country, a program of church-building, police led demonstrations of
    British people threatening Pakistanis with bombing, butchery and beheadings, a Pakistani government sponsored mob that attacks its own people with bricks, darts and clawhammers, plus British paedophile gangs raping and murdering their children while they are persecuted and imprisoned for objecting.