Monday, 16 August 2010

Let's Go Global Quicker

I got to thinking that if we people of the world are told to accept that the world according to Marx is now Global, then we should go the whole hog and have real globalism. I say this tongue in cheek of course I hasten to add, since I'm totally against the form of globalism being preached to the world by psychotically deranged mentalists who tell us they are politicians who like to say they represent the people yet do everything imaginable against them.

We can surely see who they are because they preach a one line gab of multiculturalism, economics, de-industrialisation, save the planet from man by taxing men more, and generally messing things up for everyone with their stupid wars which never really seem to have a reason and hardly ever have an end. Think about it. When were Britain and America for instance, along with so called 'coalition forces', 'not' at war over something? - Answer = NEVER!

So in light of our having been involved in a war somewhere on planet earth, since as far back as I can remember, and in light of our economy having been changed into one which I no longer recognise, in light of our population having doubled mainly as a result of steady influxes of people who simply do not share our values, and in light of our own people having absolutely no say in the matter. It may do well to leave aside all the negatives here despite they are many, and argue the case 'for' MORE globalisation.

It might sound stupid but my angle on this, is if you tackle stupidity with even greater stupidity then you should at least narrow down the visible belief in these stupid people who did all this without asking us, to begin to  make them realise just how fucking stupid they really are.

So here's my list of things I want globalised:

1. Abortion, starting with those who seek political office. Globalists won't mind that being global I doubt so we can make the same arrangements for all Roman Catholics, Jews and Muslims, and I'm sure they will not have any problem with it either. Why should they disagree after all, if it is good enough for our unborn children to be thrown into a plastic bag at the hospital and later incinerated then it is surely good enough for everyone.

2. It is surely madness not to have a one world  trades union congress which stands up globally for workers rights, income, pensions and environmental health and safety issues. So China and India shouldn't mind coming into line like the rest of us in western countries, and making all their stuff dearer for us to buy, because we're all in this together right?

3. I want a global political party and a global opposition. I'll be in the latter with a mind to oppose the idiocy being forced upon the world by the clowns globalists call politicians and I call mental cases.


  1. Re: Point 1. Hillary was recently pushing abortion in the African beggar states. I can only suppose it was to reduce the size of the client population. If there was a nobler purpose, I will apologize.

  2. Hmmm....I think #1 for me would be the UDHR

    #2 - The ownership of all natural resources reverts back to people of each country...and

    #3 - The drowning in oil of corp execs who allow pollution

    #4 - Population control along with quality of life