Monday, 9 August 2010

Who the fuck made that video if it wasn't me?

There's too much to write about these days. One second I'm looking at a news story of a woman suspected of deliberately killing her children before setting the house ablaze, next I'm waiting for the Chilcot Committee to make some sort of rational reasoning out of why this country saw fit to invade Iraq not to mention Bosnia and Afghanistan which remains unquestioned by many including the MP's who sent our troops to those places and yet wring their  reptile claws over a despatch box daily at the loss of innocent life.

But then I look closer to home to find that several areas of the country are birthing more children to immigrant mothers than to British mothers, whilst at the same time telling us of honor killings, rapes in Ibiza of 15 years old kids, murders too many to keep up with or count, and it appears every news story carries messages of future doom in society whilst the economy and everything in it, including Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, are literally dropping to bits and we will follow suit. They blame unemployment for out of work people being unable to afford houses as if it's a mystery. Not that I and many others didn't say this several years ago you understand but I guess these sharp fellas have all the answers as well as all our money.

In fact I can't really recall a time when news was so prolific and all so bad as it is recently, and stories like the death of Dr David Kelly have fallen on the wayside with others which will if left unattended, literally kill us off as a people.

i.e. Immigration

So I'm concentrating really hard here to narrow on the main issue of the death of my people as a race, as I understand that the rest whilst fully worthy of picking over, are not so urgent so as to deviate me from the true reason I made the above video regarding Cameron's Black Britain.

You see, if you know anything about George Orwell's novel, 'Nineteen Eighty Four'. Then you will know that nothing you are told can actually be relied upon as being true. For without clear reason then there can be no reason for war. Without immigration there could be no problem with seeing the future extinction of my people, and without 'sunny holidays' in Ibiza there could be no rape on the beach there of a 15 year old haunting my newspapers and giving her parents nightmares, and without a war in Iraq  and lying conniving political conmen  and dictating, warmongering sons of bitches, there could be no question of the murder of Dr David Kelly.

In short, we are living in a world of complete fucking make believe only what we see is really happening. A mother really is accused of murdering her children. Not one mother, but a few of them. Secondly, Raoul Moat is really dead and he was really shot with tasers whilst he had a shotgun to his head. David Cameron really is planning to create a non-discriminatory Britain by discriminating against the British people, and birth rates really are rising for immigrants whilst every damn bastard in this country is singing out for abortions for the children of our own people because they all think a teenage mother or any mother for that matter should be at 'work', except if the mother is of ethnic origin in a country which we are told has no ethnic origin itself. i.e. There are no indigenous British people, we don't exist, and yet I find it difficult to understand who these immigrants can be 'different' to without us existing.

Yes, it's a bit of a puzzle is that one. For if I don't exist, then could someone please tell me who the fuck is writing this article on this blog of mine, and who the fuck made that video.

Meanwhile, until I have a reasonable answer to this problem, I will cease to write anymore in case I'm really wasting a dream here when I could have been making out with Megan Fox instead of dreaming of why Dr David Kelly was killed and by whom, and having nightmares about when someone with a set of balls will do something about immigration in my country.


  1. Hi Rugfish,

    When traitor Blair won the election in 1997 his theme song was: "Things can only get better". Well the truth is they've got a damn site worse and now we have his cloned replacement , Cameron we are well on the way to total enslavement.

    I would like you to read this link:

    It just about sums up the history of the world in a consise and direct manner. I can see from your writings that you are an intelligent man and I am sure that you will understand it. However, the vast majority of OUR people in this country either do not understand or worse still, do not wish to understand.

    I went to Kieghley in N. Yorkshire on Monday on business, beautiful town, most the buildings built in Yorksshie stone, set in the Yorkshire Dales. Imagine my shock and horror when the majority of people I saw had full beards, little funny caps and pyjamama's and that was just the men. Women were walking about in full Burka's. It made me sick to my stomach ruggie. The invited unarmed invasion has never hit me so hard as it did Monday.

    Here in the West mids, they've already practically taken over but to see it in a quintessential picturesque English location really did make my blood boil.

    Anyway Rug, I know how hard it is to be a 'Truth Blogger' When you are greated with total apathy, I sometimes wonder why I bother as I'm sure you do but we must carry on.

    Keep up getting the message out, as I will.

    Kind regards


    * Excuse the spelling, I just can't be arsed to spell check it all.

  2. Thanks John.

    I read the link you sent me and have to thank you for that too. It's in my favourites now and I think I'll read it a good few times now I know of it. Absolutely brilliant is all I can say, and thanks again.