Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Why Was Raoul Moat Shot

Being honest about it there's too much out there to write about for any blogger to cope with it all. For me, I sometimes bash away at this keypad and find I've done a string of articles about issues which either got my back up reading in the news, or something I recalled from yesteryear or yesterday, which somehow just couldn't seem to leave my mind.

I also have bouts of saying fuck it like you do no doubt, and I also wonder how in the hell are people ever to regain a decent society which isn't full of thieves, liars, idiot brainwashed lefty types, and corporate controllers who lord it up over the people as if we were ants and they were giants. If anyone ever saw that Star Trek episode with the Greek Gods with unlimited power vs brains of Capt Kirk and Spok, then you'll know precisely what I'm talking about when I say we have a job which seems impossible. It is for that reason too, that I tend not to write strings of articles so much these days, because I'm aware that the messages from my previous posts are simply going to the wall once I write another. Let me say in the scheme of things it makes little or no difference what I write here, except to me I guess as it empties my mind of the thoughts which circle it on a particular subject, until finally that thought has been fully exercised and is perhaps exhausted.

On this occasion, my thoughts are about Raoul Moat because what I've read lately I have to say I do not like.

The Daily Mail I believe started this feeling in me, that despite the man is dead, despite he can do no one any injury, and despite he did have friends on this earth who probably wish to peacefully attend his funeral. The Daily Mail has to make a story out of nothing by naming these and other people with a degree of sensibility, as "Ghouls". Let me say I only have to read a headline and a few opening lines these days to know what the entire article is about, and generally I now tend to write my answer and then check to see if it fits the article rather than the other way round. You see I think that comes about because I know what the media is like. It draws on 'feelings', and stirs up those feelings because it understands that people do actually have feelings. The simple truth is that.

Yes, people have feelings so we (media) can use that to make a story (about Raoul Moat), and get a massive reaction and hey presto, our sales are up.

Editor slaps writer on back, gives beaming smile because his publisher is happy, he gets to stay in work, and meanwhile cigars are handed out around the office and perhaps a small raise might be in order 'if you can keep them coming'. - Or something like that.

But instead of mimicking Clark Kent at the Daily Globe, let's see how it really is now on planet earth here shall we.

1 Raoul Moat (was) a man on the run from police. - check reason here.

2 Raoul Moat himself knew he needed psychiatric help, asked for it and didn't get it.

3 Given that he was stopped by police 130+ times for hawking scrap metal I believe that he was, as he himself declared, being 'harassed' by police.

4 He was jailed for 18 weeks. Accordingly this light sentence testifies that he was 'not' an arch criminal nor was he the anti-Christ as the Daily Mail would have us believe.

5 The police shot him, there are doubts whether he was in any way a threat to the public at large as they stated, and no one has yet accounted for his death.

6 Raoul Moat was not charged he was 'suspected' and alleged to have committed crimes but he can never be found guilty except in his absence.

But just because a man goes berserk with a gun and happens to run from police carrying their guns, that doesn't make him evil or what the Mail describes as a 'monster'. He is just a dead man who had psychological problems and I can imagine what I would feel like if I was being harassed and hunted by police, I'd been jailed for something I said I hadn't done, my girlfriend took off with another guy who just happened to be one of my harassers whilst I was inside, my mother didn't love me, my father had left me as a child, and now my son was being taken from me along with my ability to work because I was now since branded a criminal.

So where are the lefties in society who come put with all their lefty reasons why a child murderer or rapist or paedophile should be released from prison because in their eyes the system has to show compassion?

Where are all the mental cases like the current justice minister Kenneth Clarke, who want to let criminals out of prison and what are they saying about Raoul Moat and his being done over by their 'system', by his family, by his partner and by the police and now by the media?

They're not there are they.

Yes, they are always happy to court controversy when their enemy cannot fight back, but when they have a voice then it's easier just to call them names and denigrate them regardless of this so called plea for compassion they keep espousing. Thus, they call those attending his funeral 'ghouls', and they rabbit on about how they look and what they wear as if they are a different species, instead of asking why the fuck was Raoul Moat shot by police and why do we have armed officers without training in firearms surrounding a guy with rifles and tasers ready to shoot whilst telling us they shot him to stop him pulling the trigger on his sawn off shotgun and by so doing ending his own life. Is this the action of a) A dangerous man threatening the public, or b) A man who threatened the system.

Why was Raoul Moat shot and why is the media making a campaign against him and his followers instead of looking for the truth?

Answer: Because it sells papers and stops you looking at the truth.

As for me courting controversy, well follow the line 'frankly I couldn't give a damn'....and you'll see what I think about your feelings if different to mine on this subject. Because if there's one thing always guaranteed to get me going it's when I see a hypocrite shouting with complete ignorance of the truth, that those who care enough about the truth are 'ghouls' who should be publicly derided for attending a funeral. Don't people have a right to decide themselves anymore or is it the Daily Mail that tells us what to think these days?

Remember that in Britain you are only permitted to express sympathy to people the Daily Mail think are appropriate people and always check with them before you attend a funeral or have any thought in your head that doesn't agree with those of the establishment. Or, you could just say go fuck yourselves like me.

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